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Big Band coming to Skullgirls

The PlayStation blog has this trailer for Skullgirls featuring Big Band, coming to the PS3 and PC versions in April 23th, and sometime later on Xbox 360. Also check the full post for some very nice Eliza animated gifs.

Child of Light – Lemuria trailer

A new trailer for Child of Light (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC) shows up, showcasing the beautiful, beautiful backgrounds.

Janelle Monáe and Kimbra teamup!

Two of the most awesome singers in the world are teaming up for a series of concerts in Australia and New Zealand. Check this preview, it’s FANTASTIC.

Batman: Strange Days animated short

A Batman animated short produced by Bruce Timm, to celebrate the dark knight’s 75th anniversary.

First trailer for htoL#NiQ

First trailer for Nippon1′s weirdly named Playstation Vita game htoL#NiQ. Very cute looking, the official site is over here.

Last Life’s Kickstarter

Double Fine is starting a new Kickstarter, this time for Last Life, an adventure game influenced by transhumanist sci fi, noir stories and… more than a bit of Kentucky Route Zero. Of course, that will have the disadvantage of comparisons with KRZ, one of the best games of the last years…

Transistor is out in May 20

Finally Supergiant Games’ long hyped Transistor has a release date! It’s coming out for PS4 and PC in May 20, and it will be playable in PAX East as well. Hopefully a soundtrack will be released along it.

Transistor_10-apr_14_00 Transistor_10-apr-14_01 Transistor_10-apr-2014_02

Ms Marvel #3 preview

The Mary Sue posted this pretty cool preview of next week’s Ms. Marvel #3. It looks GREAT.

msmarv2014003_dc21_lr msmarv2014003_int_lr2-2

msmarv2014003_int_lr2-3 msmarv2014003_int_lr2-4


G. Willow Wilson (W) • Adrian Alphona (A)
Artist Variant by Annie Wu
• The All-New Ms. Marvel has already gained international fame.
• But in Kamala’s case, star-power comes with a whole lot of… awkwardness.
• Find out why the most exciting new Marvel hero is also the most loveable!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …2.99

Hack ‘n’ Slash trailer

A trailer for Double Fine’s code-hacking puzzle adventure game Hack ‘n’ Slash (PC), in amusing 90′s style. The game will be playable at PAX East as well.

Below new trailer, confirmed for Steam

This moody new trailer for Capy’s Below (previously announced as an exclusive for Xbox One) confirms it for Steam as well. The game will be playable in PAX East 2014.


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