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The Marvellous Miss Take launch trailer

Batgirl Black and White figure

The new addition to DC Comics’ very cool but overly pricey Batman: Black and White figure line is the new Batgirl of Burnside! Coming out next year if your wallet can take the hit.

AOA’s Like a Cat wonderful music video

Batgirl 36 preview!

DC Comics has posted a preview for this week’s Batgirl 36, and it’s looking great! The artwork is perfect, and the writing is very interesting so far.

batgirl 036 001 batgirl 036 002

Batgirl’s new life is off to a rousing start when her first day of graduate school is interrupted – by twin sister assassins on motorcycles!

batgirl 036 003 batgirl 036 004

batgirl 036 005 batgirl 036 006

batgirl 036 007

This War of Mine gameplay trailer

A trailer for this war time survival game coming out on Steam later this month. It’s very interesting looking, but the subject will make it hard to play.

Valkyria Chronicles available for preorder on Steam!

Remember Valkyria Chronicles? it was a Playstation 3 turn based RPG by Sega WOW, somehow a successor to the Sakura Taisen series. Well, it’s coming out for PC on November 11 and you can get it cheaper if you preorder it. Let’s hope it’s a good port.

Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries gets a demo

Just in time for Halloween, Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries gets a demo on Steam. It’s worth checking if only because it’s very very pretty. I’ve found the gameplay to be bland and slightly wonky but it seems to have its fans, and it’s an early demo anyway.

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse official soundtrack

pirates curse

The brilliant Jake Kaufman’s soundtrack for the excellent Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (3DS) is now available on his bandcamp account, you can pay whatever you want for it. Very recommended, as is the game itself.

The Marvellous Miss Take trailer

Not a new, but hadn’t noticed this game before and it caught my eye. Looks like Monaco with more polished graphics and gameplay, could be interesting.

miss take

Bayonetta 2 concept art

The official Platinum blog has been posting some of the costume design work for Bayonetta 2, including the Nintendo outfits.

bayonetta_bonus_01 bayonetta_bonus_02 bayonetta_bonus_03 cho_001 cho_002 cho_003 cho_004 cho_005 cho_006 cho_007 cho_008 cho_009 cho_010 cho_011


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