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Rose McGowan in Charli XCX’s new music video

Looks like actors having roles in music videos is a new trend, now it’s Rose McGowan in Charli XCX‘s stupidly catchy Break the Rules music video. Very fun.

Michael Madsen in Iggy Azalea’s new Tarantino-esque music video.

The very cool music video for Black Widow, Iggy Azalea‘s new single featuring Rita Ora, is a big homage to Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, down to Michael Madsen having a role on it!

For an even more Kill Bill-centric music video, be sure to check last year’s Brown Eyed Girls single… Kill Bill, where the girls play many scenes of the movie.

New characters in Super Time Force Ultra


Super Time Force Ultra is coming out in a few days in Steam and it includes characters from Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2! More info and images on Capy’s blog.

Pyro Saxton

Super Time Force Ultra on Steam in August 25th!

STFU has a date! and it’s very soon.

Kimbra’s The Golden Echo is out! Music videos!

Kimbra‘s second album, The Golden Echo, is out now, and here you have the two music videos of it released so far. It’s a strange pop album, hard to describe. Very worth checking if you want an unique experience.

Batgirl 36 cover by Cameron Stewart


The Cameron Stewart cover for Batgirl 36 has Babs fighting “The Jawbreakers: The deadliest girls on 4 wheels“. This is shaping to be awesome, let’s hope it’s as good as it promises. Over at CBR you have an interview with the series creators and you can check another drawing of Batgirl by Cameron Stewart on his tumblr.

Batgirl sketches by Babs Tarr!


The official tumblr for the upcoming Batgirl comic book run posted these incredibly cute character sketches by seroes artist Babs Tarr. If the series looks anything like this, I’m sold.

FEMM in latex kimonos for Dead Wrong

A new music video for Far East Mention Mannequins, this time for a song named Dead Wrong. Veeeery catchy as usual, and pretty latex kimonos.

New trailer for Capy’s Below

A gorgeous gameplay trailer for Capy’s epic-looking Below (Xbox One and Steam). They added “console first on Xbox One” which implies more ports will come later, so owners of other systems rejoice.

Ariana Grande homages Barbarella and Mazinger in a new music video

Ariana Grande‘s latest music video, Break Free, homages many things, but more than anything is based on the Barbarella movie, down to a PG version of the zero gravity stripping version. Also Mazinger’s oppai missiles make an appearance! Really really good.


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