Jenny LeClue playable teaser

While we wait for the final release of the point and click adventure Jenny LeClue, the devs have released a playable teaser, think of it as a short demo. it’s available for iOS, Mac, Linux and Windows so go get it now!

And be sure to use headphones while playing it, the sound is amazing.

Cruel Intentions

@therealselmablair My lessons paid off!! #CruelIntentions #cruelintentionsmusical

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Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar recreating what you remembered of Cruel Intentions while attending the Cruel Intentions Musical.

Kate Bishop coming to Marvel’s Avengers Alliance


Over in twitter, the dev team behind the long lived (and surprisingly solid) Facebook game Avengers Alliance just announced the always awesome Kate Bishop to be joining the roster soon. Always good news!

DC Comics solicitations for August 2015

DC has posted its solicitations for August and the highlights are…


Art by: Babs Tarr
Cover by: David Lafuente
Written by: Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart
U.S. Price: $2.99
ON SALE 8/26
Tech genius Luke Fox has brought his startup to Burnside, and he seems to be hiring all of Barbara’s friends…but not her! Unfortunately, someone else is setting up shop in Burnside as well…the mysterious Velvet Tiger!


Art by: Ben Caldwell
Cover by: Ben Caldwell
Written by: Mark Russell
U.S. Price: $2.99
ON SALE 8/19
President-elect Beth Ross assembles a cabinet including her former boss, a disgraced congressman, and an anti-Smurf intellectual. Plus, Congress scrambles to pass pork-barrel legislation. Literally. And Boss Smiley imprisons his critics in a gerbil cage.


Art by: Annie Wu
Cover by: Annie Wu
Written by: Brenden Fletcher
U.S. Price: $2.99
ON SALE 8/19
Black Canary’s worst nightmare has come true: child prodigy Ditto has been kidnapped! But the perp isn’t your average criminal mastermind…