Art Roundup

Haven’t done one of these in a while, so let’s go:

  • If you like the art on Supergiant GamesTransistor (and of their previous game, Bastion), be sure to check Jen Zee‘s deviantART account, she’s the artist.
  • Over here you can aslo check a pretty cool fanart of Red from Transistor.
  • And I did one myself, of the Younglady enemy units. Not really good, but had to mention it.
  • Back to good art, this is the deviantART account of Tri Vuong, who used to work at Capybara Games in titles like Critter Crunch and Clash of Heroes. He’s amazing.
  • So has Qiqo, indie gaming seems to attract great artists. More of Qiqo and Tri Vuong‘s art for Critter Crunch in here as well.
  • The #sworcery tumblr has a lot of great fanarts for Sword & Sworcery, one of the most notable games of the last years. Scroll down because some of the best are near the bottom.
  • The Skullgirls‘ official tumblr has been posting a lot of fanarts as well, and Alex Ahad‘s own is alternating between Skullgirls and another project of him starring a pink haired and a blonde girl.
  • And Phil Noto just updated his tumblr with some cute outfit sketches from his sadly cancelled run in X-23.

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