Edge of Spider-Verse 2 featuring Gwen Stacy

spider gwen

A preview for Edge of Spider-verse #2, an issue showcasing an alternate universe Gwen Stacy becoming Spider-Woman. Her design has been floating around the web because its, well, very cool, and people are wishing this becomes an actual character and not just this one-shot. The preview has an all girl rock band so it’s awesome by default.

spiderverse 002 001 spiderverse 002 002

Published: September 17, 2014
Writer: Jason Latour
Cover Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
In one universe, it wasn’t Peter Parker bitten by the radioactive Spider, but Gwen Stacy! She’s smart, charming and can lift a car– Just don’t tell her Police Chief father! How is she involved in Spider-Verse? Seeds of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 are planted here!

spiderverse 002 003 spiderverse 002 004

spiderverse 002 005 spiderverse 002 006

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