Annyeong! ch1 scanlation

annHere you can download the scanlation of the first chapter of Annyeong! We Are Peanuts, by site-helper David. I’ll let him talk about the artist:

Tiv is an illustrator originating from Korea who currently is active in Japan. Some of you might know her already if you’ve played DJ Max before, since she did the visuals for the song Ladymade Star. Or Ragnarok Online, as she did a few illustrations for that game as well. She also was the character designer for NCSoft’s Smash Star, which unfortunately, is no longer in service. Or you might know her if you’re a fan of Haruka Shimotsuki (who sang for this as well as many other anime and videogame-related things), as she does the album illustrations for this person’s commercial releases.

As you can see, Tiv’s easily a top-tier artist who can hold her own against some of the best in her field.